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Nietzsche knew a thing or two about the filter bubble… 

Lovely philosophy posters by Max Temkin embody in bold typography and astute insight what philosophy is.


All The News That’s Fit To Post – how the graphics department of The New York Times design’s the world’s most respected newspaper, a teaser for Gestalten’s Visual Storytelling


Above, an F/A-18 Hornet breaks the sound barrier; the shock wave causes a drop in pressure. As a result water droplets condense and sometimes forms a cloud, as seen above.

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creative endeavors :-)


Too skinny?

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can we have these, please?

can we have these, please?

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Our lecture today was given by Mark Jarvis from BPA Worldwide and stressed the importance of measuring a businesses’ online efforts in today’s economic climate. Gone are the days of clients “willing to blindly throw vast sums of money at brand campaigns that provide little or no measureable…

find red

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Find Red

We knew that our client, Mars Canada, was always looking for new ways to drive awareness of M&M’s online by delivering the brand benefit of IRRESISTIBLE FUN. We heard the Google Street View camera car was coming to Toronto, Canada and the rest is digital history. We created a first-of-its-kind, digital treasure hunt where we hid M&M’s inside Toronto inside Google Street View and challenged Canadians to find them. In 630 square km, we provided over 100 clues to help find 3 red M&M’s and win 1 nifty, little Smart car. For four weeks, players got clues on the website, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and using YouTube annotations. In the real world, there were QR code wild postings as well as package UPC codes that unlocked special clues with Stickybits.

Campaign Performance

In just 30 days, this Canadian promotion got: 8.4 million PR impressions, over 7 million QR Code poster views and over 225,000 Twitter impressions. Total impressions came out to over 15.6 million. Besides the obvious buzz this game mashup generated, the most impressive result was that the average time spent on the site was over 19 minutes. That’s 4 times the industry average. Most importantly, the game was IRRESISTIBLE FUN…just like M&M’s.

Campaign Info

  • Client: Mars
  • Brand: M&M’s
  • Agency: Proximity Canada, Toronto
  • Target: Canada · North America
  • Language: English (US)
  • Category: Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Objectives: Awareness
  • Media: Online, OOH

Amazing paper art by (very patient) Russian artists Alexei Iyapunov & Lena Ehrlich.